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Providing Workforce Housing in Arlington, VA

Workforce housing plays a pivotal role in fostering vibrant communities, particularly in dynamic urban centers like Arlington, VA. Many people are unaware they qualify for workforce housing and can take advantage of apartment homes reflecting a discounted rental rate. The availability of affordable workforce housing for the essential workers who keep the city running ensures diversity, stability, and inclusivity.

Crystal House's commitment to reserving approximately 76 percent of its apartments for workforce housing exemplifies a proactive approach to addressing the pressing need for affordable accommodation in the the region of our nation's capital. By prioritizing the housing needs of teachers, healthcare professionals, service workers, and others contributing to the fabric of the community, Crystal House not only provides a crucial service but also contributes to the overall well-being and resilience of Arlington. Such initiatives not only alleviate financial burdens for individuals and families but also foster a sense of belonging and opportunity, ultimately enriching the social and economic landscape of the city.

What are the qualifications?

Rents for workforce apartments are based on the annual median income (AMI). To qualify, your annual household income must fall at or below the limits stated within the 50% and 80% AMI brackets listed below, with a minimum annual income of 24x the monthly rent.  Our friendly and knowledgeable leasing team is here to answer your questions; give us a call or visit today for full details.

Maximum Income Limits by Numbers of Occupants

AMI* 1 2 3 4 5 6
50% $52,750 $60,300 $67,850 $75,350 $81,400 $87,450
80% $84,400 $96,480 $108,560 $120,560 $130,240 $139,920
*Area Median Income
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What are the fees?

Amenity fee:

Amenity fee is collected with application prior to move-in

Parking fees:

$75 surfaced unreserved, $95 breezeway, $150 garage

Non-Refundable Pet Deposit:

$500 per pet (2 pet max.) plus $50 rent per pet per month

What documentation is needed?

The following documentation will be required (no photocopies, please) before your application can be processed:

  • Valid passport, drivers license, or personal identification card for every household member over 18
  • Two most recent paystubs from employer
  • Two most recent bank statements
  • If applicable - Award letter or verification form for any social security benefits, SSI, pension funds, child support, etc.
  • If self-employed, the most recent W-2, tax filing or financial statements